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Yoga of Parenting Workshop in Boulder

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Video- Yoga and eating disorder recovery

Yoga Rx from Ben Pickett on Vimeo.

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BREAK into Jail!

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Sun Salutations Video

Boulder Yoga Project from Ben Pickett on Vimeo.

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Boulder Teacher Spotlight! Angela Grace Coyle

Teacher Name: Angela Grace Coyle

Class Name/ Style: Power Vinyasa

Student: Graci Star
Studio: Radiance Power Yoga

Price of class: Drop In – $17 / Unlimited Membership – $99 month

How I felt going into the class: A little tired but excited.


How I felt coming out: Rejuvenated, peaceful, awesome!


Favorite parts?: I really loved the way that she gives adjustments. […]

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Thank You Yoga! You gave me life!


By Brooke Lindquist for Boulder Yoga Project

Yoga helped me find myself. I spent most of my life hating—despising and being disgusted by—my body. For the past 20 years I did everything I could to punish that hated enemy. I starved myself. I went through long periods of exercising for 4-5 hours a day, driving […]

Let them eat Raw Gluten-Free Vegan Cake!

By Derya Ozbay


I love living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. It is a ridiculously health conscious city, which is inspiring and exciting, but can also be a challenge when you’re trying to whip up something quick for a potluck or entertaining. With so much awareness about what we are putting into our bodies, it seems […]

Yoga on the Farm!

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Struggling to stay keep it together- Frog Squat!

A couple of months ago I found myself in a situation that I really did not want to be in.

I should have known better, as I had a bad feeling from the start about it, but I opted not to follow my intuition and agreed to it anyway. My second mistake was to agreed […]

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Fluffy Carob Brownies (VeGaN!)

Fluffy Carob Brownies (VeGaN!)
A lighter brownie is just the right treat for the summer sweet tooth. Carob is a delicious, naturally sweet powder derived from the carob bean. It is low in fat, high in fiber, and contains calcium.
Many people who are sensitive to caffeine use carob as a substitute for chocolate because of […]

The 10 Paramis – The Buddha knew what was up!

The 10 Paramis

The Buddha knew what was up!


Paramis are a collection of ten good qualities to be developed to reach the final goal of enlightenment, which is a big goal to attain! Even if we are a good ways from enlightenment, keeping these goals in mind still can give us a little help along […]

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Individuals and Groups Making the World Great

Individuals and Groups Making the World Great

Guest post written by Sam Marquit, an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value 

I have spent a number of years as a commercial contractor working with individuals as well as businesses on various green building projects. What I mean by that is implementing materials that are […]

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AO Core Value: Conscious Living

What does it mean to live consciously, to act consciously?

Conscious thought refers to that which is critical of and subject to the circumstances of the moment.

When we blindly follow the crowd, tradition, religion or culture we are not demonstrating conscious thought. To think consciously is to take what is assumed and question it, to watch what […]

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King Pigeon

Blog excerpt from Tabitha Farrar

When I first discovered yoga poses, I kinda had an obsession with trying to get into this pose, and I never got remotely near it. I learnt that my body, and specifically my hips to my lumber spine relationship was just not ready for this type of backbend, and I started my journey in […]

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A Question of Beauty

A Question of beauty

It is a curious thing, Beauty. As a makeup artist I spend a lot of my time making people ‘Beautiful’, and its got me thinking………..what does make someone beautiful?

Flawless skin?….. Big eyes?…. chiseled cheekbones?…..pouty lips, slender, curvy, luscious hair, youth…?

Our image has a massive role in our confidence with our own […]

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AO Core Value:The individual and community’s capacity to create their own health, wholeness and well-being

The individual and community’s capacity to create their own health, wholeness and well-being…….

What we are stating above is that we recognize that those that we serve have the inherent ability to create their own health, wealth and wellbeing. Some of us need a little bit of a reminder regarding our own power to create what and who we are, and in providing integrative health […]

AO Core Value: Commitment to Community

Outlining two AO programs that show how we are committed to serving as a unionizing factor in community:

Longmont Justice Court- Women on Probation

Many people in the probation system are so long into living in a state of chronic stress that they cannot remember what it is like to relax. This hyper state doesn’t allow the rest- and -restore (parasympethetic) nervous […]

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